Somerset Farmers’ Markets continue to offer a sustainable shopping alternative

Somerset Farmers’ Markets continue to offer a sustainable shopping alternative

The media thankfully in recent months has been more forcefully highlighting the need to tread lightly on our planet, not to saturate the oceans with discarded plastics, voicing concerns about super-size dairy farms where animals may not see a field or a blade of grass, or of over processed foods which are adding to the countries growing obesity problems especially in our young children.

Meanwhile Somerset Farmers Markets have for nearly 2 decades already been spreading this message, the need to buy locally produced food with low packaging and high nutritional value and a concern for high animal welfare standards. We have also provided our customers with over 3,000 jute shopping bags over the years and our producers aim to use paper bags or recyclable packaging.

Many of our farmers are involved in Open Farm Sunday encouraging customers to visit and see for themselves their high welfare standards, food production methods and build trusting customer producer relations.

It is also good news that Somerset and the surrounding region is still blessed with small farms and food producers who have environmental sustainability and high animal welfare standards at the core of their ethos. Our bakers use flour from local mills, free range eggs from local flocks and cheeses from the array of local dairies.

The penny seems to have finally dropped and more and more people want to shop ethically to become part of the solution rather than the problem!

Come and enjoy supporting the local environment, local economy and in our corner of the South West preserve our small family farms, dairies and artisan producers … and you know it tastes better!