White Horse Honey

White Horse Honey

Address: Wiltshire ,SN12 7GA

Telephone; 07767838317

Email; sjauty@aol.com

I have been a beekeeper for 35 years since beginning as a young lad.

I decided to scale up my hobby to a sideline around 10 years ago, and it is now a substantial operation with over 150 hives and growing. I keep the bees in a variety of locations across North Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, South Oxfordshire and North Somerset on farmland, organic estates, solar parks and even an old redundant railway station site near Malmesbury.
Because of the variety of apiary locations, I sell alot of my honey as ‘single apairy’ – so you know the source of the honey you’re eating. I also do a generic blend which is called White Horse Honey.

The bees also provide honeycomb, beeswax, and other hive based products and I also get some cruelty free cosmetics made for me by another beefarmer who specialises in beehive cosmetics production.
I ensure my bees are free from stress and disease and well cared for throughout the season, and also supply starter colonies for new and expanding beekeepers.

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