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My granolas and overnight oats use organic and gluten free oats, free from harmful pesticides. Many brands do not. Whilst gluten free and organic oats cost a premium to buy – in my mind it is worth the extra spend.

Sunbird products are refined sugar free, my recipes use either raw honey, Canadian maple syrup or organic coconut sugar, as well as fruits for natural sweetness. The recipes are developed with a guaranteed maximum of 15% total sugars. I keep the sugar content low, with all products ranging from 10.9% to 14.9% total sugars. Compare that to the big brands, and you will be surprised to see some granola with a sugar content greater than 20%!

My granolas have a significantly higher nut and seed content to many competitors, for example: the Pecan and maple granola contains 20% nuts and 18% seeds. This makes them great for snacking.

All products are vegan apart from the Cashew and almond granola, which contains the very special honey – I buy direct from the beekeeper – in a top secret location in Devon!

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