Somerset Cup- Of Coffee!

Somerset Cup- Of Coffee!

Address- Burnham on Sea ,Somerset



Contact– 07813560449

Tony converted a transit van into bespoke  coffee van a couple of years ago serving proper locally roasted barista coffee,  the finest available and the full range of your favourite coffee drinks.

Bringing along  a range of tables and chairs Somerset Cup creates a welcome ‘pop up café’ at a few of our markets  and an opportunity to sit and relax while shopping.

”The coffee beans are direct trade, which means that the importer deals directly with the farmer. The importer in this case is based within 20 miles of this market. They visit the farmer once a year to ensure that the quality of the beans are the best before importing a whole shipping container back to the UK.
The coffee comes from a region called Narino, which is in Colombia. The farmer’s name is Jose Gomez and he grows the beans at an altitude of 1900M.
An interesting fact is that I (Tony) don’t actually drink coffee!, but I know the science behind pouring a perfect coffee. I will never serve a bad coffee, as all of my coffee has been recently roasted (never more than 2 weeks old).
You will quite often see me weighing my coffee and timing the brew that comes out of the coffee machine (known as ‘dialling in’). If I don’t get 18 grams of coffee to go through my machine in 25 – 30 seconds, I readjust the grind and start again. Humidity and temperature can affect the coffee grind and can change every day. I quite often waste half a bag of coffee, just trying to get the perfect grind!”

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Midsomer Norton