Real Pork

Real Pork

Saddleback pigs are a rare breed and are hardy outdoor pigs with a gentle nature. We cross them with a large white pig to get a good balance of meat to fat. Our pigs are born and reared outside as much as humanly possible, fed on our home grown feed; Tricale, Barley and Oats. They are slow grown to produce a good flavor meat.

We use our local slaughterhouse and then cut, process and pack our own pork. Our products are sold as locally as possible to reduce food miles for the consumer, the majority via Farmers’ Markets. We also supply a couple of specialist local food shops and take orders for local deliveries.

We produce a range of pork cuts and products: joints, chops, offal, sausages, burgers, bacon, black pudding, ham, gammon, Scotch eggs and faggots etc.

Address:  Church Farm, Longmeadow, 101 Main Road, Cleeve, North Somerset, BS49 4PN

Tel:  01934 832024


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