Pig Patch Pigs

Pig Patch Pigs

Address: Poplar Farm ,Easton,Wells, Somerset, BA5 1ED

Contact; 07827931330

Website- www.pigpatchpigs.co.uk

At Pig Patch Pigs we breed rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, also known asĀ  the plum pudding pig originating from Oxfordshire and we are helping with the conservation of this breed.

All of the pigs I have for meat are bred by myself ,they live outdoors and have a stress free happy life with the highest welfare standards until they are sent to the local abattoir and butcher.

Being a traditional breed they are slow growing making succuent tasty meat helped with a diet of seasonal apples and nuts!

We specialise in different flavours of sausages ,bacon and can also provide a range of different cuts on request such as shoulder,leg joints,tenderloin,chops and steaks.

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