Finding out more about Somersets Meat producers

Finding out more about Somersets Meat producers

W’ed like to do a big shout out to Somersets meat, poultry & dairy producing farmers who attend our farmers markets such as Brown Cow Organics,Wookey Goat Farm,Westcountry Water Buffalo,Loves Lane Farm,Mikes Pork ,Chewton Farm and The Story Pig.

There has been a recent backlash against eating meat in the wake of climate change & factory farming concerns.

However it is difficult & unfair to compare the mass destruction of rainforests in Brazil to keep fast food outlets in beefburgers & supersized farms where cows don’t see a blade of grass with the small scale Somerset family farms we select for our farmers markets who have animal welfare and environmental sustainability at their core.

The best advice is to make informed decisions when you  purchase meat make sure you can trace where its from and take opportunities to visit Open Farm Sunday events and support Somersets small family farms.

The choice you make when choosing your meat is one of the most powerful you can make against Factory farming.