Dowding’s Apple Juice & Cider

Dowding’s Apple Juice & Cider

Address: Shepton Montague,Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 8JP

Telephone: 01749 812652


Dowding’s Apple juice and Cider is run by Oliver Dowding who was born into a farming family in the village of Shepton Montague In Somerset where he’s lived all his life, and farms under organic standards.
Land that’s managed organically provides an ideal environment for wildlife, flora and fauna to thrive, and every effort is made to encourage public use of the footpaths that criss-cross the farm and the orchards.
Dowding’s currently produce two apple juices, both using blends of different apple varieties. Three new orchards have been planted in recent years. This will enable the continued production of blended juices as well as some new single varieties.
Our Orchard Brue Apple Juice is much sweeter than our traditional Wild Orchard Apple Juice, because it contains a higher proportion of eating apples. Dowding’s Orchard Brue Apple Juice contains low alcohol (under 1.2%) as we’ve allowed the sweeter juice to start to naturally ferment, but only a little, before pasteurising.
Dowding’s produce traditional still cider which is available in various size bag-in-boxes, or 3 litre pouches. There are also 500ml carbonated bottles. These options are available as dry or medium. All contain 6.5% alcohol.
We take pride in our cider, being an artisan product, and created from 100% apple juice

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