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We started Bohobo Aromatherapies to create and share a company that would reflect our life. After the birth of our bonanza baby Baba in July 2013 we decided to make a change from going between a beautiful but busy and congested Paris to a beautiful and fresh Provence. We did this to be selfish. We wanted to spend more time together. We wanted to experience the seasons. We wanted to breathe cleaner air, live a cleaner life and eat locally sourced food. So Miles, Baba, Shnoo the kelpie, Bukowski the bit of this and bit of that cat and I started a new life together. An idyllic winter meant our savings were running dry and we needed to come up with a plan if we were going to make our life sustainable.

Twenty years prior I has studied aromatherapy and massage in London but only ever really used it for personal-friends-family-peeps and pursued study back in my native Australia in writing and literature. As I had a serious case of baby brain – partly due to a super cute and need to be gazed at lovingly baby – I didn’t want to write…yet. So after making some beautiful natural perfumes and selling them at local markets my handsome husband had a very good and very practical idea.

He was visiting a friend of ours with a bottle of sleep spray I had made for her sleep troubles when a couple of her friends arrived and were interested in the little bottle of magic that was being talked about. So returning home to Baba and I Miles said with an outstretched hand and a raised eyebrow ‘what if you made the sleep sprays and headache remedies and those little things that you make for us as part of bohobo not just perfumes?’. So clearly I thought it would not be a good idea but did it anyway and success! People around town started talking about my little remedies. A Pop-Up shop became available for the summer of 2014 and people came in buying the ready made roller and spray remedies for themselves and their friends but also they came asking for specially prepared concoctions.

The first time a lady came back to tell me the little headache roller I had completely taken away her migraine and she wanted another bottle for her sister I was moved. Really moved. I kind of felt an amazing lift that I had in a small way helped someone. And that brings us to now… With opportunities abounding in England we moved our growing family to the lush green of Somerset where the days and smiles are brimming with sunshine. Here we have a new environment but are living by the same principles we hold close to our hearts. A new chapter begins in the Bohobo Aromatherapies journey and we can’t wait!