Selling at farmers’ markets

Have you ever thought of selling your goods at a farmers’ market?   

A huge variety of local producers sell at Somerset Farmers’ Markets ranging from nationally renowned beef farmers to tiny plant nurseries to award winning organic cheese dairies.

Many of us are content to stay as a small business with the markets as our main or only outlet; others use the markets as a launch pad into a bigger enterprise.   Some producers do as many as ten to twelve markets a month, while others do just one.  The great thing is that all are welcome – there’s no special requirement for size or experience.

The really important criterion is that you grow, rear or make what you sell – and that you grow, rear or make locally and with local ingredients if at all possible.  The major strength of the farmers’ markets is that we sell direct from producer to customer, and can offer information and advice about all the produce on the stall.

There’s more material and an application form in Sell with us , but all the paperwork can seem a bit daunting.  If you’d like to have a chat about the possibilities, why not give Louise Hall a ring on 01373 814646.


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