• Frome Independent Cancelled Sunday March 3rd March 2, 2019

    A severe storm is headed for the south West and so the organisers have been forced to cancel the Frome Independent event- we will be however holding a farmers market at Boyles Cross next Saturday 9th March!

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  • Axbridge & Midsomer Norton Markets cancelled February 1, 2019

    With regret we must cancel both Axbridge & Midsomer Norton Markets on Saturday Feb 2nd,due to extreme snow & ice

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  • 20 years of Somerset Farmers Markets! January 1, 2019

    In 1999 we launched our first market in Glastonbury and began to build up a network of regular markets around the county of Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset. Twenty years on and we are still going strong and will this year be celebrating our anniversary at each of our markets throughout the year…we’ll give out more details as the year progresses.

    However as we step into our 3rd decade we are mindful of our original purpose and role within the local agricultural and food economy. Since we began environmental issues have become ever more urgent ,the very real effects of climate change and plastic pollution more apparent and many species of wildlife extinct or in danger.

    We were created from ‘Agenda 21’ funding as a direct result of the 1st climate change summit in Rio when the United Nation member states developed an action plan that each local government area should draw up its own plan to ‘act locally’ to prevent climate change by promoting local initiatives focusing on sustainable development and counteracting the damaging effects of globalisation.

    In our small way we began pioneering a network of Farmers Markets supporting local food production. We were  aiming to reverse the demise of small family farms and re-introducing the concept of buying local food directly from farmers and growers, brewers & cheese & cider makers,bakers,chefs & preserve makers. Trust was built up between customer and food producers who serve as an antidote to mass produced industrial scale farming and food production which adds nothing to the environment,local economy ,animal welfare and offers questionable nutritional value to the consumer.

    We enforced low mileage and asked that non farmers use local ingredients where possible. We also encouraged shoppers to bring their own bags or purchase one of our re-usable jute bags of which 4,000 were produced over the last 10 years!

    However we all recognise that the spotlight is now urgently on reducing single use ,non-renewable plastics so we are urging our members to evaluate their current packaging to ensure it can be re-cycled,re-used,compostable,or biodegradable depending on what they are producing.

    We will share the good practice of our existing members and encourage new members  to start off using the most environmentally friendly packaging for their produce.

    Finally we thank and applaud our many customers who continue to bring their own re-usable bags and some of whom are also bringing along their own containers!

    A Happy 2019 to you all.


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  • New Coordinator for SFM! August 7, 2018

    Hannah Palmer has recently taken over as Coordinator  running Axbridge, Crewkerne,Burnham on Sea & Glastonbury and can be contacted on 07790716845.

    Louise Hall continues to be responsible for the 2 Frome Farmers Markets. Keynsham and Midsomer Norton and is on 01373 813812

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  • Somerset Farmers’ Markets Respects Your Privacy May 21, 2018

    At Somerset Farmers’ Markets Ltd we recognise the importance of protecting your personal information in compliance with new data protection laws.  We send emails to our subscribers with market updates and news.

    If you have signed up to receive e-mail reminders about specific Somerset Farmers’ Market events your e-mail details are stored securely by ‘Mail Chimp’ and we do not share them with anyone.

    You may withdraw your marketing consent at any time by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each e-mail.

    If you would like to receive emails for your favourite markets just click on the “Subscribe” link at the bottom of this page.

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  • Somerset Farmers’ Markets continue to offer a sustainable shopping alternative March 29, 2018

    The media thankfully in recent months has been more forcefully highlighting the need to tread lightly on our planet, not to saturate the oceans with discarded plastics, voicing concerns about super-size dairy farms where animals may not see a field or a blade of grass, or of over processed foods which are adding to the countries growing obesity problems especially in our young children.

    Meanwhile Somerset Farmers Markets have for nearly 2 decades already been spreading this message, the need to buy locally produced food with low packaging and high nutritional value and a concern for high animal welfare standards. We have also provided our customers with over 3,000 jute shopping bags over the years and our producers aim to use paper bags or recyclable packaging.

    Many of our farmers are involved in Open Farm Sunday encouraging customers to visit and see for themselves their high welfare standards, food production methods and build trusting customer producer relations.

    It is also good news that Somerset and the surrounding region is still blessed with small farms and food producers who have environmental sustainability and high animal welfare standards at the core of their ethos. Our bakers use flour from local mills, free range eggs from local flocks and cheeses from the array of local dairies.

    The penny seems to have finally dropped and more and more people want to shop ethically to become part of the solution rather than the problem!

    Come and enjoy supporting the local environment, local economy and in our corner of the South West preserve our small family farms, dairies and artisan producers … and you know it tastes better!


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  • No Axbridge or From3 Market this Saturday March 3rd March 2, 2018

    Due to bad weather these markets are cancelled. They will return in April.

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  • Tasting Somerset! January 12, 2018

    A belated Happy New Year to all our customers, with the holidays over,its now back to work, schools have re-opened and we keep umbrellas at the ready…. but its also a positive time for resolutions and good intentions and we hope more and more of you will embrace supporting local farmers and artisan food producers in 2018.

    Over the years we have seen many small farmers give up, unable to compete with cheaper imports and big supermarket cost cutting but we’ve also witnessed many embracing diversification responding to the eagerness for the modern customer to embrace new tasty options.

    We’ve seen this strengthening of intent at all of our markets with the introduction over the years of Waterbuffalo meat, sheeps cheese, charcuterie, chilli farming or swapping dairy farming for lavender growing or a career in IT for growing micro greens packed with nutrients and the rise in popularity of goats cheese, milk and meat.

    Others have taken a greater pride in the premium quality of their traditionally reared animals, artisan cheeses and ciders or traditional variety vegetables.The message is now loud and clear purchasing local food supports high animal welfare, strengthens the local economy,promotes good quality award winning food producers and our markets continue to add to the vibrancy and culture of our market towns. They are an integral part of living in or visiting and tasting Somerset!

    The unfolding story of local farmers and our evolving food production can be experienced each month at any of our eight farmers markets and now in our 20th year its been quite an evolution!

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  • Glastonbury Christmas market is now 23rd December December 7, 2017

    Change of date: The Glastonbury Christmas market which was publicised to be on Saturday 16th December is now on Saturday 23rd December.

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  • The Midsomer Norton Farmers’ Market November 2, 2017

    For the past 14 years the Midsomer Norton Farmers’ Market has been held on the first Saturday of the month at Hollies Gardens 9am-1pm. The market has earned a reputation of being both popular and friendly. However, this coming Saturday 4th November, sees a big step forward for the market with new stallholders, new produce as well as a brand new sponsor backing the event.

    The new sponsor to the town’s Farmers’ Market is local law firm Thatcher + Hallam LLP.

    Thatcher and Hallam Solicitors

    One of the organisers of the event is Somerset Farmers’ Market’s Louise Hall.

    ‘We are delighted that Thatcher + Hallam has chosen to support Somerset Farmers’ Market, says Louise. ‘Not only are they supporting us here in Midsomer Norton, but also with our markets at Keynsham and the Frome Cheese & Grain. We are really looking forward to a successful future partnership enabling our markets to continue to thrive and expand, supporting not only many small local farmers and food businesses but also providing the centre of our town with a vibrant local food shopping experience.’

    ‘It is hard to believe that Thatcher & Hallam has been established in Midsomer Norton for nearly 250 years and over the centuries has developed a strong identity as being a part of and serving the local community,’ adds Louise. ‘What impressed us as part of their commitment to the local community, is that the firm has now held a free weekly legal surgery for over 30 years, advising well over 10,000 local residents. We all felt at home with this sort of strong local focus from our sponsor.’

    The link that brought the Farmers’ Market and Thatcher + Hallam together is solicitor Sarah Gratton. Prior to becoming a partner and Head of Business at the law practice, Sarah also ran her own business called Deersleap Chillies which used to operate at the Midsomer Norton Farmers’ Market.

    ‘With my previous personal links, I am especially pleased that my firm has chosen to support such an excellent community-based organisation such as the Somerset Farmers’ Markets,’ says Sarah. ‘Now as a buyer, I look forward to my regular monthly visit to the market at Hollies Gardens!’

    The market is already home to many great stalls such as the Teeny Greeny Urban Farm, the award-winning Somerset Cheese Company and Brown Cow Organics, considered by many celebrity chefs to be supplying some of the best beef in the country. Seafoods are one of the most renowned family-run fishmongers in the South West, attracting a huge following for their freshly caught fish. With a new pork stall and local free range eggs, preserves, baked goods and pies the market is growing each month. In December the market welcomes the Norton Radstock Silver Band.

    To get up to date news on the local producers you can follow Somerset Farmers Market on facebook or Twitter or to receive a monthly newsletter just focusing on news from the Midsomer Norton Market visit our web-site to sign up

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